Bench Top pH & mV Meter


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Easy and intuitive to use the HI-2211-02 comes complete with a number of useful features which make them particularly popular for frequent testing. Not only that is excellent value for laboratory use across wide range of applications

Ideal for

  • Quality control
  • Pharmaceutical research and testing
  • University research teamsKey features
  • Extra wide LCD displays pH & temperature
  • Standard pH range: -2 to 16pH with 0.01 resolution
  • Wide temperature range: -9.9°C to 120°C
  • On-screen step by step calibration guide
  • Calibration expiration reminder helps users make sure the meter is in optimum working order each and every time.
  • pH calibration with stability indicator makes process error free
  • Sturdy wide-based casing with easy to use buttons for quick efficient testing
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Measurement memory / memory recall function
  • Supplied with
  • HI-1131B pH electrode
  • HI-7662 temperature probe
  • HI-76404N electrode holder
  • Starter pack of buffer and cleaning solutions
  • 12 Vdc adapter
  • Instructions




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