Value Dar
Was founded with the objective to Supply  and support specialized services for Quality Control Solutions , Which are Equipment s supply , Maintenance,  Calibration and consultancy services.
Since then, our product range of equipments and accessories covers NearInfrared (NIR) analyzers, Flourometery, spectroscopy,Chromatography and general laboratories equipments  for routine and research laboratory applications with a multitude of accessories for the sample conditioning and presentation. Dedicated analytical solutions are available for agricultural, food, feed and other industrial applications which are sold in the market all over the world.
The wide range of specialized analytical systems is the result of technical challenge and product specific know-how. Plus maintenance solutions  designed  according to advanced techniques, a high standard of production and strict quality control guarantee a durable and reliable operation of our instruments and accessories.

Value Dar  provides the necessary application, installation, calibration and training.

Our Mission

We are looking forward to supply our territory with Superior  Quality control services.

Our Vision

To lead the Quality control  services in our area with commitment of quality value ..till we rise up with scientific equipment manufacturing in our territory.

17Experience years
179Supported Customers
14Maintenace Contracts
17Team Members

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

05-Fahad Elkhair
Supply Chain
07-Shaza Elamin
Sales Coordinator

MilestonesValue Dar History

September 2007

Company Founded

March 2009

ASVOC Maintenace Contract

August 2010

+ Started Laboratories Equipments Supply Services

February 2011

+ GNPOC First PM Contract

March 2013

+ Elteital lab consultancy Service

April 2014

+ U of K first Consultancy Service

August 2015

+ SSMO Maintenance Contract

March 2018

+ Teital , Marhab , ASVOC Maintenance Contract

August 2019

+ VICAM and Erkaya Agences To Cover Sudan

September 2019

+ Lafresh, Sayga And Shipsico Maintenance Contract

2020 After COVID-19 Lock Down

+ Contracting with Gum Arabic Companies / Platinum, NOPIC  through Calibration services.

+Power On Value Store.

+Power On Value Pure

+ Radwag Distributor

March 2021

Stablishing Heat Manufacturing

August 2022 , the year of up rising

Joined to ANKOM technologies family

November 2023

+ Joined To Blue Sun Scientific  Family as The Exclusive Distributor for The Mena Region.

+ Transfer the Company HQ to DUBAI , UAE