Vicam Mycotoxins Analysis Consumablels

01 Overview

VICAM's portfolio of quantitative strip tests, which are used in conjunction with the VICAM Vertu Lateral Flow Reader, provide validated monitoring solutions for companies seeking to minimize the costly consequences of mycotoxin contamination. Utilizing the proven sensitivity and selectivity of VICAM’s monoclonal antibodies, quantitative strip tests can accurately detect and measure a variety of mycotoxins in less than 5 minutes. The tests can be easily performed on-site or in the lab, require no special training and have a long shelf life. Screen, quantify, and confirm mycotoxin levels with total confidence. Quantitative Strip Test Mycotoxin Testing Solutions: Afla M1-V //Afla-V //Afla-V AQUA //DON-V //Fumo-V //Ochra-V

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