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Benefits of a ValueDar CareTM Support Agreement:

Secure your Investment With a ValueDar Care Support Agreement

Let Value dar take care of all your QC machines in lab and on process line , so you get maximum return on your investment. Get up to five years high performance warranty as part of the new ValueDar Care Premium Plus Agreement or two years as part of any other ValueDar Care agreement. In addition to the peace of mind afforded by the warranty period, the regular preventive maintenance pays off by keeping your analytical instruments working perfectly every day, year after year.


A ValueDar Care contract is the perfect way to ensure performance and reliability of your instrument and a way to make sure you can keep the promises you make to your customers.

Why Preventive Maintenance?

As with any analytical solution, it is essential that your instrument receives regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and extended lifetime. Avoiding expensive downtime is a matter of following factory standards and preventively replacing parts before they wear out. In turn, this helps ensure reliable and consistent results at the highest level.

Preventive maintenance combined with global suppot from dedicated service, application, software and calibration specialists are really what secures your investment and keep your instrument running perfectly all year round.

Benefits Of a ValueDar CareTM Support Agreement:

• Extended Warranty (up to five years depending on the chosen agreement).

• Regular maintenance; the instrument is checked according to machines       manufacturers service protocol, diagnosed, cleaned, adjusted and tested.

• Minimal downtime from replacing components before they are worn out.

• Consistent, accurate and reliable results you can always trust.

• Preventative maintenance visits when it suits you (your business).

• Fixed service budget without unexpected expenses.

• Discounts on additional services, spare parts, training, reagents     consumables and software upgrades.

Get the support you need :

With ValueDar Care you can get exactly the solution, coverage and peace of mind to suit your individual needs. Choose the right level of support from a range of packages and enjoy a consistent level of care minimizing the risk of unexpected repair costs and maximizing the value of ownership.

ValueDar Care comes with an Extended Instrument Warranty for maximum security and return on your investment.

ValueDar Care Premium Plus

ValueDar Care Premium Plus is an ‘all inclusive agreement’ and provides the highest level of support and back-up for ultimate peace of mind. With Premium Plus there are no extra costs associated with the service
and maintenance of your equipment, meaning predictable costs and simpler budgeting.
Preventive maintenance visits, breakdown visits and parts, labour charges and travel charges are all included in a Premium Plus Support Agreement, effectively providing ‘in-warranty’ cover.
On top of that you will be prioritised with the fastest possible service with a Target Response time within 24 hours, in case of a breakdown.
Finally the Premium Plus package gives you access to 10% discount on additional services, spare parts, training, reagents, consumables and software upgrades.

ValueDar Care Standard

ValueDar care Standard customers benefit from preventative maintenance visits and the instrument will qualifyfor another 12 months warranty, giving a total of two years high performance warranty.
On top of that you will be prioritised with a Target Response time of 48 hours, in case of a breakdown.
Finally the Standard agreement also gives you access to 5% discount on additional services, spare parts, training, reagents, consumables and software upgrades.

ValueDar Care Basic

ValueDar Care Basic is a clear cut preventive maintenance agreement with preventative maintenance visits.
Should you have a breakdown, you will receive Priority support. As with the Standard agreeement, if the Basic agreement is renewed after the first year on a new instrument, it will also qualify for another 12 months warranty.

We Don’t Only Sell Instruments – We Provide It’s Care Solutions!

Each ValueDar Care support agreement includes standard elements provided to all ValueDar Care customers. In addition, each of our ValueDar Care support plans is tailored to match the requirements of your specific instrument. Please contact us for more information about how ValueDar Care can fit your every need.

*Not all instruments qualify for Premium Plus and instruments older than 1 year need to be accepted by ValueDar technical team.


Instrument Warranty :

With ValueDar Care Support Agreement, the instrument high performance warranty is extended to two years for Basic and Standard Agreements and up to 5 years for a Premium Plus Agreement. Extended Warranty for Basic and Standard Agreement is applicable for new instruments only (must be purchased within the first 90 days of installation).
Extended warranty period is only valid with an active agreement for the full period.
Premium Plus Agreement can be purchased for existing equipment subject to an upgrade fee.

Preventive Maintenance Visits

Trained service technician will perform maintenance according to detailed service protocols, in order to ensure up-time and keep your instrument running at optimal performance.
Number of visits included per year is depended on the service protocol for the specific instrument.

Travel Expenses

All Travel Expenses related to the Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits are included. Expenses are also covered in case of an emergency breakdown.

Preventive Maintenance Kit

The Preventive Maintenance Kit consists of parts required to perform factory standard maintenance. These kits are carefully designed to replace common wear and tear parts.

Target Response Time

Being a ValueDar Care customer gives you higher priority when you require support or have a breakdown. The target response time is dependent on agreement level and covers all week working days. The response could either be an on-site visit or remote trouble shooting performed by a service technician

Remote Web-based Support

Utilising TeamViewer ,ValueDar can access your instrument to perform remote diagnostics and applications support.
In some cases this would negate the requirement for a site call out visit providing a quicker repair solution for you should you encounter any problems. ValueDar can also identify spare part requirements that will aid the speedier expediting of the spare parts to you. Applications and calibration support can be carried out efficiently and remotely without the need for site visits.

Special Discounts

Discount is given on additional service, training, spare parts, reagents, consumables and software upgrades for customers with ValueDar Care Standard and Premium Plus.

Adding value to your QC machine is our bussiness.

Secure your investment with ValueDar Calibration Support Services …

Calibration is getting more and more important nowadays as international requirements are becoming more strict. Compliance and qualification testing require traceable proof of the performance of the equipment used for testing and measurement.

Valuedar runs several calibration support services , being traceable to national and international standards following the guidelines of ISO 17025. Accredited calibration can be offered on request.

What we can do ?

1-  Laboratories machines calibration using our Certified equipments and tools.

2- Certified Reference Materials Supply

We can Support your Laboratory with reference standards and Certified reference materials , being traceable to the ILAC.

Supported CRMs:

Group A
Calibration buffers and solutions.:
– pH , Conductivity, TDS
– AAS ,ICP Certified standards.
– HPLC , GC Standards.
– XRF , XRD reference standards.
Group B
Certified Equipments
– Thermometers.
– Pressure gauges.
– Flow meters.
– Multimeters.

Scientific Laboratories Technical Support Services

New Laboratories Design & Projects Installations

We are The Leading experts in this line in Sudan.
We design , implement new laboratories projects as a single facility job or a complete project.
Value dar has a professional technical team to support the following in Laboratories technical requirements :
– Infrastructure which include ; Furniture, Ventilation, safety and facility equipments.
– Quality management systems ; ISO17025 , GLP , GMP and HACCP.